netsuke foxes

Netsuke - The Foxes Carve & Print


I'm back in the studio carving the foxes. As I carve the block I realise I am not focused. The lens in my brain turns slowly anticlockwise and my mind can't catch up with what's in front of me. My hands are restless and eager to carve but too quickly and impatiently. I'm not present and take a chunk out of a tail, then another tail, then a hip, then a toe but I keep going and finish carving until I have something to print. I dampen a few small squares of Hosho paper for some test prints and print off a few to check the image. It's not as bad as I imagined and even with the mistakes I like the feel of the print.

Like the vastness of space, like a universe unlimited, untold, unattainable, and inscrutable- that is the woodcut.
— Shiko Munakata

Netsuke - British Museum Asia

ery pleased this morning to receive an email back from the Asia department at the British Museum. They have asked me to choose from their online gallery which netsuke I would like view. I have sent an email requesting to view the following netsuke:

The Foxes

The Rat & Kirin

The Goldfish

The Kirin

The Dog

The Shishi or 'lion dog

The Okimono of Turtles

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The Hare with the Amber Eyes

Pie Bald Rat Gnawing on its Tail

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Galloping Horse

An Ama Suckling an Octopus

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Amelie and Melanie Japanese Antiques

Japanese Man with a Fan

V & A collection

Tiger signed Tomatada

Tiger signed Okatori

Ox by Tomotada