Laurie & David Wedding Invitations - Part 1

Last year I printed wedding invitations for Laurie and David. I filmed the process of printing the invitations on the Adana 8 x 5 platen press using lead type for the cover. The inside was printed with a polymer plate. 

This short film (3m16s) shows part 1 of the printing process - printing the cover using vermilion ink on 100% recycled card. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Typesetting & Printing on the Adana 8 x 5
Printed and filmed by eightfivepress
Music ‘Daylight Ends’ by Snails © 2017

Printing Thanksgiving Day Invitations


Putting the Turkey on a Polymer Plate

Guy had given me a rough sketch of an idea for his Thanksgiving Day Invitations. I worked up an illustration for the front of the card and used Bodoni 72 Smallcaps for the type. We sent off the design to be made into a Polymer Plate ready to be printed at the workshop.

Printing the Turkey

Guy spent the afternoon printing his Thanksgiving Day cards on the Adana 8 x 5. He chose vermillion linseed oil based relief printing ink on different coloured recycled card stock.

Thanksgiving Day cards ready to send!