carving a woodblock

Carving out 7 minutes of Time

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DEER - A short film 

Recently I made a print of a deer. In my last post I showed a brief glimpse of the process through images and talked about the inspiration behind the print. What I forgot to mention was that before I started carving the woodblock, I set up my tripod and mobile phone, and recorded the process.  

So here's a short film (speeded up into 7 mins) following the process of carving the woodblock from start to finish accompanied by music and a poem by John Drinkwater.

I am aware that we are bombarded with SO much information these days and 7 minutes of carving a piece of wood may just be too painfully long to endure, but I like to think it might be worth ‘carving' out a little piece of time to watch this film for seven moments of tranquility.

I hope you enjoy it.