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Do What You Love For Life

Before Christmas 2014 I signed up for Beth Kempton's Do What You Love Winter Writing workshop. On the 29th December I began the seven day online course. The Winter Writing Workshop ignited the joy of writing again and inspiration was flowing. On the 8th day, the course was over and I had an appointment booked the same day for a reading spa at Mr B's Emporium of Delights.

Mr B's Reading Spa

At Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, Lucinda brings me a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I sit in the big velvet arm chair and Lucinda asks me about the kind of books I like to read. One of my favourite books of all time is Laurie Lee's 'A Rose of Winter.' It's a beautifully vibrant journal of his return trip to Spain after the civil war. Even with the desolation the war has caused, hemanages to capture the pulsating beauty of Andalusia. Every page is a rich explosion of warmth and colour.

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I explain my recent love for Japanese woodblock printing, art books, artist biographies, the creative process, novellas, books about journeys, discovering new places, documenting, observing, being in the moment, the importance of all the senses, imagistic poetry and prose.

After a good long chat Lucinda disappears in search of books. She returns a little later balancing books piled high in her arms. The first one is Edmund De Waal's book 'The Hare with the Ember Eyes’.

Both The Winter Writing Workshop and Mr B's Reading Spa were Christmas gifts and both fuel to embark on this woodblock printing project and journal of the woodblock printing process. So thank you, Beth, Lucinda and Sally for these wonderful gifts. And Mama for your creative inspiration. I am so grateful.


Beth Kempton's DWYL

Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights

The Future of Print - A film by Hanah Ryu Chung

Epilogue: The Future of Print by Hanah Ryu Chung

I love this film by Hanah Ryu Chung. It's a wonderful celebration of books and print and beautifully filmed too.

Interviews with:

Joanne Saul, Type Books

Stephen Fowler, Monkey's Paw Bookshop 

Stan Bevington, Coach House Books

Brian Morgan, The Walrus Magazine 

Don Taylor, Don Taylor Bookbinding 

Michael Torosian, Lumiere Press

Akemi Nishidera, KOZO Studio Gallery 

George Walker, Biting Dog Press & OCADU

Filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada