Japon Simile Paper

Love Earth Water - A Letterpress Print

My lovely friends Marv and Kate recently married. For their gift I made them a personalised print. 

We filmed the process of typesetting with wood and lead type. I printed it on the adana 8 x 5 press. Watch the film to see the process with music by Slow. (5m.36s)

Printed by eightfivepress
Filmed by Sally Imbert
Edited by Mog Fry
Music ‘Flying’ by Slow
© 2017

Netsuke - Ama & Galloping Horse

Ama Suckling an Octopus

An Ama is a Japanese diver, usually a woman who tends underwater oyster beds used in the cultivation of pearls.


I'm testing both woodblocks on Somerset Satin and Japon Simile paper. Using the Japanese carbon ink with nori paste seems to produce better results on the the Somerset Satin paper.

Galloping Horse