Moving in to the Mezzanine


Makers Shop & Gallery

There is a stillnes about this mezzanine above the new MAKERS Shop & Gallery. The studio is empty except for my new puchase of a second hand heavy weight Adana 8x5 platen press and some 'stand to attention' lead numbers. The last time I was up here the entire room was filled with boxes to the ceiling. The shop downstairs was once the Green Leaf Bookshop selling a fantastic array of alternative books. They were very loved here for many many years. Recently it was Booty - filled with records, books and vintage clothes and accessories...


Christmas Steps Arts Quarter

...Now MAKERS is here and that's just what they do. They make all things handmade, local and beautiful. This is the heart of the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter which is well known for it's creative studios, galleries and artisan shops. These numbers are heavy. They are solid sculptures lined up on the table. They look beautiful as they are but the time will come when I get hold of some rollers and ink and see how