Letterpress Cards for El Rincón The Spanish Bar

The Process

David from El Rincón asked me to design and print cards for his Spanish Bar. He really liked the Berthold Futura typeface which I used for the letterpress workshops poster. Obviously the type is too big for business card size so I hunted out some of my old cards printed with this typeface, cut out the words with the characters I needed, scanned and re-arranged them in Photoshop. 

Digital to Analogue

I worked up the design in Photoshop and sent off the file to be made into a polymer plate. 100 cards were to be printed on both sides in black and red so each side would need be printed twice. That's 400 prints for 100 cards. Oh for the love of letterpress!

Next Up:

  1. Cut the polymer plate into 4 smaller plates.
  2. Line up plates individually for each print run.
  3. Print El Rincon in black letterpress ink.
  4. Clean up the rollers and ink disk.
  5. Apply red ink for the second batch of printing.
  6. Replace the ‘El Rincon’ polymer plate with the tiny accent.
  7. Line up the accent over the ‘o’ in El Rincón and print the second colour.  
  8. Leave for a few days to dry

100 accents printed in red linseed oil based ink on recycled card. 

When the first side is dry apply this process all over again for the second side ‘The Spanish Bar - Bristol.’

If you would like bespoke letterpress cards printed on the Adana 8 x 5 please email mog@eightivepress.co.uk