A Short Film Part 2

Heron Shade Woodblock Print

In January 2015 I began a journey into woodblock printing, focusing on Japanese netsuke. In February 2015, alongside the netsuke animal print explorations, I made a woodblock print of a heron. See my Into The Wood project for more about this process. At the time I had no purpose for the heron, only to explore the woodblock process. It sat on the shelf for quite a few months until November 2015 when I decided to make my EP Heron Shade. It was the perfect image for the cover and so I decided to hand-print each EP with the heron woodblock. Here's a short film (1m 57s) showing snippets of the process and materials used to print the woodblock.

The song 'Orange' from Christina Rossetti's original poem 'Color' is the soundtrack for the film and also features on the EP.