Netsuke horses

I emailed Lowri at The British Museum to make another appointment to sketch netsuke at the study room. A speedy reply tells me that the study room will be free. That's great news. I send Lowri a list of the five netsuke I would like to sketch and an extra one incase any of these are in the gallery cabinet. This time with a specific theme.

5 Horses

Standing horse

Standing horse

Seated horse

Goat with Kid

Cat Washing Paw

I'm looking forward to another trip the British Museum. I can't get the beauty of the The Great Court out of my head and I'm fascinated to know who carved the architectural lettering on the stone drum wall above the staircase. I find a link which points me to Martin Cook's website. He comes from a family of carvers dating back to 1730 and has a wealth of experience hand carving lettering in Portland stone, sand stone, slate and wood.

Martin uses his knowledge of historical letterforms and calligraphy to create a unique design. It is then hand carved into natural British stone or wood.
— Martin Cook

I managed to retrieve the netsuke photos I took from my last visit to the V&A and have emailed the photographs to Julia Hutt from the Asia department. I hope this will make it easier for the netsuke to be found in their stores.


Martin Cook