Red Deer Sleeping - Letterpress booklets


Sanctum Bristol


New booklets recently printed for my other project red deer sleeping. The booklets were made specifically for Sanctum Bristol. Each booklet cover is printed on the Adana 8x5 with wood and metal type. The text inside the booklet is digitally printed.

Last Saturday 31st October at 10.45pm, red deer sleeping performed songs of love and nature at Sanctum Bristol.

This autumn, a remarkable structure will rise up from within the bombed out remains of Temple Church in Bristol. For 24 days, this 14th century site will be transformed into an intimate gathering place in which to hear the city like never before – Sanctum will be open from 6pm on Thursday 29th October to 6pm on Saturday 21st November, 24 hours a day. The schedule will always remain secret until the end of each day. Entrance is free.
— Sanctum Bristol