a mini printmaking studio 


Eightfivepress was founded by printmaker Mog Fry in 2012 with a 1950's Adana 8 x 5 printing press.

Having set up in the studio above MAKERS shop & gallery, Mog began experimenting with a mixture of wood and metal type. This led to her interest in linocut and woodblock printing.  

Mog is currently working on a woodblock printing project 'Into The Wood' making a collection of Japanese antique netsuke woodblock mini prints.

You can follow the process of her printmaking explorations on her journal.


Mog is an energetic and passionate creative artist. She began her journey at a young age, studying for a national diploma to facilitate a creative arts degree. Experimenting with varying skills within the industry, Mog soon found the area she felt incredibly drawn to; with all of it’s different elements and multiple types to master, print took priority and soon became Mog’s focus. She continues to learn the craft of Japanese woodblock printing, letterpress, linocut and rubberstamp printing. She currently runs workshops in these disciplines.

Alongside Eightfivepress Mog has many other talents and drives. She is a skilled harmonic musician and her current project, Red Deer Sleeping is inspired by two influential passions: nature and early 20th century poetry. She is also a film maker, creating short films to capture both her own work and that of others.